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NAV360° Admin
Integrating and streamlining contact center
management and administration
Contact center and unified communication administration can be a serious challenge, with Communication Manager, IVRs, call recording   systems and Aura unified communication applications typically requiring tedious and time-consuming manual setup and maintenance.
 Powerful Management Foundation
NAV360° Admin – NAV360°’s management core – complements Avaya contact center and Aura unified communication solutions, effectively   combining and integrating setup, management and administration of these offerings’ broad range of components and applications.
Easy set up and maintainence through a unified and intuitive browser interface of:   Highly integrated and streamlined UI enables easy mangement of:
Agents and skills
Routing points
Call flows
IVR working hours
Prompts and menu content 
Hunt groups
Voicemail and countless other unified communication parameters
NAV360 monitors real time data to track the usage of agent login IDs and extensions in your Avaya Elite and Communication Manager. With NAV360 resources monitoring you can identify all of your idled agents login and extension which consumes your licenses. You can then free these stations and agents using NAV360 admin to reclaim your licenses.
Powerful Management Foundation  
NAV360° Admin’s advanced security features include the ability to apply a unified, multi-level access hierarchy to all Avaya systems, and full Active Directory integration with single sign-on   functionality. Multi-tenancy configurations hosting multiple companies’ services on a single Avaya Aura Communication Manager are supported with complete customer privacy.
Tactical, real-time contact center management and performance monitoring
Agent dashboard for performance enhancement
Visual Contact Analyzer for in-depth contact center intelligence and insight
Social Media Gateway
Transforming social media public relations challenges into sales and service opportunities
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NAV360° UC
Meticulously engineered to complement Avaya"s Aura platform, NAV360° UC integrates and centralizes the management of a broad range of unified communication systems and resources.
Social Media Gateway
Empower customer-facing organizations by enabling contact center personnel to proactively engage and effectively address potentially harmful social media communication.
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