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Visual Contact Analyzer for in-depth
contact center intelligence and insight
It’s common knowledge that contact centers generate seemingly infinite customer data.
To optimize contact center performance, build on-going customer loyalty and gain competitive edge, it’s imperative that enterprises be able to mine this potential treasure for insight and intelligence.
Optimal Results through Real-time
Contact Center Management
Integrating closely with NAV360°, ITNAVIGATOR’s VCA (Visual Contact Analyzer) enables generation of flexible, customizable and highly granular reports with full transaction drilldown, providing both contact center managers and corporate executives with a better understanding of Avaya contact center performance.   VCA delivers insight on all operational contact center aspects, utilizing detailed call records to produce a range of reports, with quantifiable feedback enabling contact center and business managers to assess and enhance agent productivity and effectiveness.
Visual Contact Analyzer: Full visualization of the user’s call flow in your environment. View every single step of the interaction life cycle, search for interactions and retrieve the call recording from the recording system using VCA Recording integration.
Centralized Presentation of all Critical
Contact Center Status
Details provided include common customer complaints, churn trends and other patterns of interest – all of which are likely to prove indispensable for contact centers seeking to   improve customer satisfaction and retention via streamlined business policies and routing processes.
Tactical, real-time contact center management and performance monitoring
Agent dashboard for performance enhancement
Visual Contact Analyzer for in-depth contact center intelligence and insight
Social Media Gateway
Transforming social media public relations challenges into sales and service opportunities
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NAV360° UC
Meticulously engineered to complement Avaya"s Aura platform, NAV360° UC integrates and centralizes the management of a broad range of unified communication systems and resources.
Social Media Gateway
Empower customer-facing organizations by enabling contact center personnel to proactively engage and effectively address potentially harmful social media communication.
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